University of Lahore

Prof. Dr. Nasir Ahmed Akhtar

Head of Department Arabic & Islamic Studies

Our mission is to produce such learned scholars for society who have grip on the tradition and may have a mature understanding of the contemporary issues with a clear and perfect skill in the modern thoughts and academic approaches. In this regard, The University of Lahore visions to achieve excellence in higher Education, is dedicated to expand its academic programs through introduction new programs that are high demanding and having a great impact on the sustainable development of Pakistan. As a result, we are privileged to offer our aspiring students, our future leader’s two new programs, Master of Philosophy in Islamic Studies and Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies that will held them to lead their way to their ambitions and goals at National and International Level. Department have large and highly qualified faculty to focus on achieving excellence in education cum research.

We take personal
responsibility for our role
as leaders in the pursuit of